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7700™ All Day Battery Ride On Machine  HIRE

7700™ All Day Battery Ride On Machine HIRE

NFE 5000 Ride-on Floor Scraper

The NFE 5000 floor scraper is a compact, good performance floor scraper stripper with many features and the same technology as the other patented machines in the NFE range. This machine is specifically designed with a low-profile frame for easy transport and better manoeuvrability on the job.
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5000 Ride on floor scraper
This is an amazing ride-on stripper with all of the following features that sets it aside from its competitors' - It has a front debris deflector to protect the machine from the mountains of residual loose material it scrapes up. The blade pitch, angle and height are fully adjustable thanks to the dual-lift hydraulic slide plate to maintain constant contact with the floor undulations of the floor. It has 6 x AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) 200-amp batteries for a four hour work shift. The blade holder has an easy quick-change swivel head. Precise manoeuvring in tight spaces is easy with an 'on a sixpence' turn radius due to its hydraulic steering The motor has continuous torque for huge removal rates and increased productivity The machine's compact design squeezes through standard door frames. Weighing in at under a tonne it is within the maximum weight limit of most goods lifts. A powerful LED light improves visibility on the site.
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