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BEF 320 Floor Planer and Scabbler 415 v- Hire, one week rate

BEF 320 Floor Planer and Scabbler 415 v- Hire, one week rate

BEF 200 Floor Scabbler

FR 200, BEF 200, Airtec 200, Vonarx, 110v or petrol floor scabbler for - • thin coating removal • thermoplastic line removal • screed removal or • keying a surface. We charge a minimum one-off drum wear charge of £40 per month out on hire.
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Floor scabbler with 200 mm or 8" drum for removing thin coatings, screeds and thermoplastic lines. The floor scabbler can also be used for keying concrete and floor coverings. The cutting depth can be controlled to within 1 mm. This machine has a 50 mm outlet to attach directly onto a vacuum dust control unit. Available in 110 volt or petrol versions. Available in 110 volt and petrol versions. Rates quoted are for one week. After a week a 25% daily charge is applied on days 8, 9 and 10 and then a full 2nd week's hire charge is applied.

If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 50% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 25% reduction.

We charge an additional drum wear charge of £40 per month while on hire.

BEF 200 Floor Scabbler 110v Instruction Manual

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110 v BEF200 floor planer scabbler

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