Do us a Deal on a Short-term Hire

Do us a Deal on a Short-term Hire

We can help you make small and med sized jobs very profitable.

They tend to have bigger margins anyway without a long list of tenderers eating each other on price, completion and other sweet promises to land the job.

More easily managed, less hassle and hic-ups and less strain on the cash flow. The downside risks are that costs can double with a short delay, particularly labour costs if you're having to pay digs. If a stubborn floor really needs a machine but there’s not enough in it to hire equipment on a minimum of a week’s hire charge for a day or two's use, a few extra day's labour eats up your butty.

The secret of a great outcome on a small - medium sized job is in the quick in and out, and that's where we can help. Given the right machine for a day or two at the right price, you can plan for an early completion.

Please do give us a ring, and let's chat about how we can do a great short-term hire deal on any of our big machines, so getting the job done, double quick.

Please have a look at the full range of our flooring machines. All displayed prices are before the 50% trade discount we give to approved flooring contractors.

We deliver nationwide by pallet or van. Please remember, we're here to help. Look forward to hearing from you, hopefully soon.