Data Protection Policy

Uneasy about third parties holding data about you? Well we have a Data Protection Policy…

We would like to think that you’ll have no qualms about us maintaining computerised records so that we can give you a personalised our very best and service and keep you informed of both relevant industry matters, company news such as new machine acquisitions and consumables lines, offers and deals and other relevant matters such as events and relevant social media postings. Our aim is to furnish you with the information that will give your business advantage as well as an excellent experience in both hire and consumables purchases.

Our customers, past, current and potential are our lifeblood and so very precious to us. We treat what data we hold on them with extreme care to ensure that the data is very secure, accurate and confidential.

We will never ever sell the data we hold about our customers under any circumstances to any other party. We will never share the data we hold about our customers without first asking and receiving their express permission.

We only seek and retain data about customers that we feel we really need to, keeping it to a minimum. We do not keep payment information on our computer system such as banking or payment card details.

We take data security seriously and have robust defences against breaches. In the event of a data breach we will advise you immediately we become aware of it.

We ask you to let us know if the information we hold on you is inaccurate or changes and we will update it immediately. If you want your name to be added to our list or if you’re already on it but would prefer us not to send you any marketing or news materials please contact us and we will take your details off of our mailing list. Please email

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