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For Complex Machine Repairs a Fitter’s Not Really Up to It.

So how do Multi-Hire keep all their equipment in such good order and so reliable? We have a team of highly skilled engineers and apprentices with training, qualifications and expertise in all aspects of flooring equipment servicing, repair and refurb of electrical (single and 3-phase), battery, diesel and petrol machines.

Our reviews tell you how reliable our machines are.

So effective is our workshop that there are times when all our machines are fully serviced and in good working order so we’d like to offer you their services should you have machines needing a service or why not rake out old, knackered machines and let us breathe new life into them? What a great way to reduce your hire bills!

We’ve been asked why we have made such a massive investment in our repair facility? We have a massive fleet of floor and surface preparation machines. The bulk are under two years old due to a massive expansion in customer demand with new machines purchased to serve that demand. However, there are also legacy machines of various ages and a few that are positively ancient but all work as good as new.

These all have to be in tip top condition. Customers don’t like downtime whilst we swap or repair machines and given that we serve the whole country from the one base, remedying a problem that’s at the other end of the country can be a very expensive exercise.


Terrco Machine Repairs

Scrapping and replacing machines that have been worked to death and just need a little TLC is a waste of resource that has consequences for our planet. With a strip down, repaint and refurb, your precious ‘antique’ can be made to look and perform as good as new. 

Some machines need regular service. Belt driven equipment should be serviced annually, vacuum dust control units need replacement filters every six months whereas self-contained cog driven machines are often best left until eventual breakdown. We would be only too pleased to chat with you and recommend.

We aim to quote within a day or two of receipt; we source high quality parts where possible, giving you savings on OEM and charge around £45.00 per hour. We endeavour to turn around customer’s repairs within a week plus any time awaiting parts.

So why not dig out anything that needs a routine service, a repair or a refurb and give us a call or Contact Us? We can collect by van, pallet or for small hand tools collect via overnight carrier. We look forward to hearing from you.

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