Baron E120 Mixer

Baron E120 Mixer


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Easy load out of bottom chute.

Removable mixer paddle.

Outlet protection.

Heavy duty frame.

User-friendly design.

Perfect unload height.

Available in 110 v, 230 v single speed and 230 v variable speed.



The Baron mixer is the market leading stand up forced action brand in the world. The Baron M120 Mixer is ideal and user friendly with a high quality mix and mixes up 4 bags of a wide range of flooring products including screeds, resin, sports and play surfaces.

The empty machine is well balanced and has large heavy duty wheels on the handle to make it easy to load and unload from your van. It has a heavy duty robust frame, removeable paddles for easy cleaning and a chute to drop the completed mix into a barrow or directly onto the awaiting floor.

Vessel capacity: 117 litres Mixer capacity: 90 litres

Motor: 2.0 kW

Gear RPM: 32 rpm

Width: 64 cm

Depth: 80 cm

Height: 116 cm

Weight: 90 kg

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Weight 90 kg