3 Phase Single Head Grinder sale

3-Phase Single-Head Grinder

3 Phase Single Head Grinder sale

3-Phase Single-Head Grinder


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3-phase single-head floor grinder. This powerful single-head grinder for use with –

• removing coatings.

• grinding concrete, screeds and resins.

• removing adhesive.

• smoothing areas.

• keying surfaces.



The 3-phase single-head diamond floor grinder (AKA Assuga, DFG 250 and BG 250) is excellent for a vast array of jobs including grinding or keying surfaces like concrete, asphalt, resin and screeds. These machines are more powerful and substantial than any single phase grinder. This machine uses the popular 10” (25 cm’s) grinding disc with 20 diamond segments. Single headed grinders are prone to leaving swirl marks which may be a problem if grinding is a part of the finish but not if the grinding is part of the preparation for future thick coatings to be laid on top.

These machines are also excellent for substance removal if fitted with a 5 shoe PCD plate which scratches up thicker surfaces when grinding heats, melts and spreads it. These machines are powerful and yet easy to manoeuvre and can cover medium sized areas reasonably quickly. It has a 50 mm dust outlet for direct connection to a dust control unit.

Have a look at our how to video for this machine.

We can supply this machine at below the manufacturer’s RRP and include delivery to the majority of UK addresses. Be sure to send the machine back to us just before the first anniversary so that we can give it a full parts only service and look for and identify if there are any faults or repairs required covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


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