Concrete Polishing Floor Sealer – Husqvarna Prem Guard

Concrete Polishing Floor Sealer – Husqvarna Prem Guard


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Available in 5l and 10l tubs and has a 20m2/l coverage.



PREMIUM GUARD is a water based floor sealer to be used after the last stage of polishing concrete.  The sealer fully penetrates the surface to give premium protection.  Easy to apply with a squeegee on the surface.  The sealer is resistant to fats, water and oils but lets them to breathe.  The sealer creates a barrier that prevents most liquids and spills from penetrating the surface and damaging the floor. Protection can be limited in areas with recurring spills and aggressive chemicals, depending on the type of substance, the absorption of the floor and the type of splashes the treated floor is exposed to. As it penetrates the surface it will not wear off. The sealer creates a matt finish.  The sealer is UV stable and can be buffed after being applied to create a slightly better shine.   This sealer can be used in an indoor and outdoor setting.

The floor sealer comes  in a 5l and 10l tub and has a 20m2/l coverage.

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