Diamond Grinding Plates Various Bonds

Diamond Grinding Plates Various Bonds


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Quality diamond grinding plates, various grits and diamond bonds. 20 segments, 10 mm depth.



Diamond grinding plates are used with a 3 phase single headed diamond grinder such as the BG250 or DFG 250. Available in any of three grits – 80 grit hard bond diamond segments for longer life used on soft and crumbly surfaces, 30 grit for most general purpose applications or 16 grit for aggressive grinding on hard surface.

Sizes : 10″ (250mm)
Grits : 16, 30, 80.

Note that the colour of the diamond grinding plates varies from one supplier to another and so does not denote either grit or bond.

These are high quality diamond grinding plates for smoothing a rough surface, grinding or removing a surface and grinding a key into smooth or shiny hard surface in preparation for applying a flooring product such as a screed or polymer to enable the product to bond.

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