Husqvarna Duratiq 8-0

Husqvarna Duratiq 8 Large Planetary Floor Grinder

Husqvarna Duratiq 8-0

Husqvarna Duratiq 8 Large Planetary Floor Grinder

Original price was: £46,868.38.Current price is: £37,119.75.

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Original price was: £46,868.38.Current price is: £37,119.75.

Duratiq 8, variable speed planetary diamond floor grinder from Husqvarna. Grinds floors for surface preparation and polishes hard surfaces such as concrete, Terrazzo, marble and granite up to a 3000 grit finish.



Large planetary floor grinder with an 800mm grinding width with a power 15kw motor. It features an intuitive digital control panel that provides all the control and precision you need to maximize machine performance. Mist system for more effective grinding and less diamond consumption.

Range includes 3 and 4 grinding heads, you can use this large planetary floor grinder with or without remote control.

You will need a D80 or equivalent vacuum to limit airborne dust.

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