16 Grit Diamond Grinding Plate Soft Bond 10″ or 250 mm

16 Grit Diamond Grinding Plate Soft Bond 10″ or 250 mm


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10″ diamond grinding plate with 20 x 16 grit soft bond diamond segments.


10″ or 250 mm diamond floor grinding plate with 20, 16 grit soft bond diamond segments for a more aggressive grind on ultra-hard surfaces. Used on the popular 3 phase single diamond grinders such as the BG 250 and DFG 250 grinders.


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Our range of consumables and accessories are aimed towards the specific needs of flooring contractors. These needs can be quite different from those of mainstream builders and contractors. Some lines need to be very high quality to cope with the rigours of flooring work. Other lines are disposable goods due to the destructive nature of the products and chemicals that flooring contractors typically work with. These lines become ultra price sensitive.

Multi-Hire Power Tools stock a huge range of floor layer’s products and PPE unrivalled in the UK. All are high quality, unless marked ‘econ’. Multi-Hire has a strong negotiating position with its suppliers by virtue of the huge quantities purchased. The most popular lines are imported directly from suppliers in China and Europe; the cost savings are passed onto customers. Therefore, Multi-Hire quite rightly claim their prices beat all their trade distributor competitors.

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Keep an eye open for new lines being introduced. Before introducing them, they are extensively tested by floorers to make sure they withstand the demands of flooring.

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