Industrial Concrete Dust Control Unit Vacuum Longopac system, weekly hire rate

Industrial Concrete Dust Control Unit Vacuum Longopac system, weekly hire rate


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110v Longopac dust control unit, vacuum cleaner. Note, wand attachment extra.

Terms and Conditions of Hire


110v Longopac vacuum cleaner. Comes with Minimum 10m Longopac and spare on sale or return.

3 motors.
Electric control panel.
filter shaker version.
Longopac (endless bag) (bucket system available on request.
M class filter.
HEPA H14 absolute filter version.
Wand hired separately

Rates quoted are for one week. After a week a 25% daily charge is applied on days 8, 9 and 10 and then a full 2nd week’s hire charge is applied.

If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 50% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 25% reduction.

FAQs –

Q – Does this vacuum capture all the dust generated by the machine? A – No; it will capture nearly 100% of the airborne dust but will leave a residual on the floor which you will need to vacuum up using the wand attachment.

Q – What machines do you typically use with this vac? A –  A wide selection from hand grinders right up to small 3-phase floor grinders such as the single head or HTC 650 and even the BEF 320 floor planer / scabbler and the A95 shot blaster.

Q – How do you empty the dust bag? A – twist the bag around so that it separates the section containing the dust from the unused part of the bag, cable tie and cut the bag above the cable tie. This should leave a large sausage like bag of dust, cable tied at each end. Carry to the awaiting skip.

Q – Is it OK to use this on a floor contaminated by asbestos? A- No. Multi-Hire do not have the cleaning facilities or accreditation for asbestos cleaning. If you are working with asbestos, please contact us and we will gladly refer you to our partner company who has the facilities.

– Is it OK to use this vacuum with water dust suppression? A – No. Water and even damp will destroy the filter.

Trouble shoots –

Q – This vacuum’s suction is poor. A –  Check that all 3 motors are working.  If it is still not working, it is likely that there is a hole in the filter due to sucking up a screw or some swarf; it will need exchanging.

Q – The vacuum is emitted a cloud of dust as soon as I switched it on.  A- It’s likely some dust has made it’s way into the motor housing during transportation. Simply take it outside, switch it on and bash the sprung plunger at the top of the lid for a minute or two, and that should resolve the problem.

Q – The vacuum is dead. A – It is likely that there is no electrical current reaching the motors. Check the fuse in the transformer and if that is working, then it is likely that a wire has has been pulled out of wither the plug or the motor housing. If you telephone us, we can usually talk you through how to identify the offending wire and how to reconnect it, via a video call.

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