NFE Viking Deck Scraper

NFE Viking Heavy Duty Floor Scraper – Hire.

NFE Viking Deck Scraper

NFE Viking Heavy Duty Floor Scraper – Hire.


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With 3 blade holders it can scrape up to 130 cm at once. This machine takes floor stripping and scraping to another level in that it is not hampered if its blade is unable to get underneath a fast stuck surface. Designed with the UK Highways Agency, the machine can scrape waterproof membranes from road bridges as well as car park systems, screeds, adhesives, sport pitches, thermoplastic and much more.

Rates quoted are for one week. After a week a 25% daily charge is applied on days 8, 9 and 10 and then a full 2nd week’s hire charge is applied.


The NFE Viking is a large diesel powered  scraper that is a true transformation of its predecessors that generally are adaptations of mechanical diggers. It has a wide range of applications that the ride-on floor scrapers cannot tackle. It has three blades with a cutting width of 130 cms and can work at pace.

The large floor scraper has a long list of features and benefits –

A roll-over protective structure (ROPS) – Certified per ISO 3471. Falling object protection structure (FOPS) – Certified per ISO 3449. Operator comfort; heating, air con, window defrost, fan system, foot rest, 2.5 cm thick sound deadening interior acoustic foam panels, 2 cm thick cushion rubber floor liner with diamond tread finish. Operator Safety – Positive pressure system with H class filtration, seat, integrated suspension system. Visibility – Rear view mirrors and camera/display, front wiper and wiper spray. Exterior Lighting – Twin front LED rear LED. Site Safety – Four side safety zone lighting, horn, reverse beeper, amber machine active beacon, seat belt fastened indicator beacon. Engine – Kubota D1803 turbo diesel, with ultra low emissions. Gross intermittent power – 49.6 HP. Alternator – 90 ampere. Fuel tank capacity – 68 litres (18 Gallons). Maximum travel speed – 61 metres per minute (200 feet per minute). Drive train controls – electric joystick for precise machine control. Transmission – Heavy duty hydrostatic. Heavy duty hydraulic oil cooler.

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NFE viking ride on scraper


Q – Can you use all three blades at the same time? A – Yes, but depending upon the surface you’re tackling, the more blades, the more resistance which can slow the job down.

Q – Can you use this machine indoors? It has a very efficient diesel engine but nevertheless it does emit fumes so should only be used in settings where there is excellent ventilation.

Q – How much does this machine weigh? A – 2.4 tonne, which means it can be delivered by a pick-up and trailer, which is a considerable cost saving and is under most bridge weight restrictions.

Q – What types of surfaces can this machine tackle? A – a huge variety, from bridge decking, walkways, screeds and adhesive, ceramic tiles, car parks, sports surfaces … and more. This has the ability to dig into a surface whereas the battery scrapers need to be able to get the blade between the surface and the substrate.

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NFE Viking Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

NFE Viking Heavy Duty Floor Scraper

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