6700 All Day Battery Ride On Machine HIRE-0

6700 All Day Battery Ride On Machine

6700 All Day Battery Ride On Machine HIRE-0

6700 All Day Battery Ride On Machine


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This amazing machine operates on almost any job site. The same size as the 5700 and will still power through an 8 to 12-hour day on a single charge. Its 115-volt battery charging system plugs into any outlet. This machine has upgraded quicker motors that the 5700 . This machine gives no harmful fumes or hazardous by-products. Separate the weights to keep under 1 tonne tail lift and elevator weight limits.

Weekly hire rate, trade discounts available

If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 40% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 20% reduction.

Terms and Conditions of Hire


This Large floor stripper machine comes fitted with –

An operator’s seat with arm rests, fully adjustable for optimal comfort and an excellent line of sight.

Automatic kill switch, triggered when the seat is vacated.

Precise hydraulic steering for working in tight spaces, a zero turn radius and with continuous torque for higher removal rates and greater productivity.

An ergonomic design which includes movable foot pegs and taller handles.

Quick-change swivel head blade holder.

Optional dual-lift, hydraulic slide plate adjusts blade pitch and angle for continuous contact with the floor.

Non-marking tyres.

E-stop knob for safety.

12 x AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries provide 100 percent power, speed, and torque for

90 percent of the battery’s run cycle.

Easy-access maintenance via the hinged hood system.

Fits through all standard door frames and elevator doors.

A front debris deflector protects the machine from loose material.

Front caster wheels gives increased manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

6700 Ride On floor scraper

6700 Ride On floor scraper

6700 Dimensions

  • H 128 cms
  • W 62 cms
  • L 149 cms
  • Weight 934 kgs + weights 84 kgs.
  • Speed, up to 36.6 mtrs per min, HS up to and more than 48.8 mtrs per min.

Rates quoted are for one week. After a week a 25% daily charge is applied on days 8, 9 and 10 and then a full 2nd week’s hire charge is applied. One day hire rate available. POA.

Large Floor Stripper YouTube Videos

National Equipment 5700 Video 1


Q – How long does battery last. A – 8 hours on an overnight charge is an average; it’s dependant upon the goods it’s taking up. Carpet tiles come up a lot easier than large ceramic tiles.

Q – What surfaces will this machine tackle? A – pretty much anything where you can get a blade between the surface and the substrate. It is quicker but with less torque than the 7700 and 5700, so it is faster and more effective on soft goods like vinyl and carpets but not as effective on hard goods such as ceramic tiles and glued down engineered wood.

Q – How do I charge this floor scraper? A – plug a 16 amp, 110-v cable into the socket on the front of the machine. Make sure that all the plugs of the cables are connected; they are prone to vibrate loose after a day’s work.

Q – what blades do you use for ceramic tiles and glued down wood? A – None. Instead we can supply you with a chisel / shank for taking up very heavy surfaces, though you will probably need blades to take up the adhesive afterwards.

Q – How much does this machine weigh? A – 1018 kgs so will need a goods lift to take it up to higher floors.

Q – Will it fit through a standard doorway? A – yes, at 62 cms wide it will, just.

Additional information

Weight 1018 kg