Husqvarna 1000 Air Scrubber/Air Cube

Husqvarna 1000 Air Scrubber/Air Cube


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The Husqvarna 1000 air scrubber is the most advanced unit of its kind in the UK market . The unit is tested plus certified for use as both an air cleaner and/or negative air machine. Has a filter system to operate with HEPA class H13 filters tested and certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns. Good for use with concrete dust, fine sanding dust or gypsum dust. It has two warning lights to indicate when the filters are clogged or leaking.  The 1000 air scrubber dust control unit sucks in contaminated air, separates the contaminates and releases the cleaned air.

If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 50% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 25% reduction.


Q – what’s this machine for? A- All dust emitting machines should be connected to a vacuum dust control unit which if working optimally, will reduce airborne dust by 95-99%. If that’s not enough, the Air Cube will take that reduction much closer to 100%. Typically, required settings include chemical companies, laboratories, food companies. Note. This machine will not remove 100% airborne dust.

Q – How big an area will this machine cover? A- 1,000 cubic metres.

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