Floor Scraper

Floor Scraping; Easier Said Than Done!

How many times have you been caught out underestimating just how stubborn and difficult that stuff is to take up? ‘Oh, it should come up with a sturdy hand scraper and a bit of elbow grease.’ Well Multi-Hire stock a wide range of hand floor scrapers at low low prices (click accessories tab / Floor Scrapers) but they’re unable to supply tins of elbow grease!Often though, elbow grease just isn’t enough and in a moment your quote is looking a...

Floor Grinder Hire

What Are Floor Grinders Used for?

Floors, no matter how imperfect or inconsistent, can still look good with the help of a floor grinder. Also called concrete grinders, this type of machinery is a tool that makes a property look well-furnished without the need for alternative flooring. The process of floor grinding also ensures the longevity of the floor and improves its overall quality. The "grind" in "floor grinders" may have a negative connotation surrounding it—it sounds like it damages a surface rather than make it durable....

Buy Floor Machines

Invest in New Machines Now and Save Tax

If yours is a profitable limited company, there is a good chance you will end up paying corporation tax. Something to look into, and maybe avoid a big tax bill is Rishi Sunak’s Super Tax Deduction scheme. Basically, if you buy equipment, you’ll be eligible to claim corporation tax relief that will come to about £2,470 for every £10,000 you spend - not to be sniffed at! If you could get your hands on new flooring machines and surface preparation equipment,...

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