Dust Vacuum Control

The Importance of Hiring the Right Vacuum Dust Control Unit

The Importance of Hiring the Right Dust Vacuum Control

If a vacuum dust control unit isn’t working at close to 100% efficiency, it could be one of the most dangerous machines on site, and you wouldn’t even know it. Surface preparation machines are notorious generators of huge quantities of health threatening airborne dust particles; a risk to workers and bystanders alike.  To combat that, vacuum dust control units are an effective solution to mitigate this danger. Their effectiveness hinges on regular servicing...

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Working With Asbestos

Working with Asbestos

The material

Asbestos , a naturally occurring mineral once widely used in construction for its flame-resistant and insulating properties. What is known now, but was not at the time, asbestos fibres when disturbed can become airborne and so pose a serious health hazard. This should be a major concern when planning surface preparation before  painting or applying a coating to a floor. Floor grinding, scabbling or shot blasting can release microscopic asbestos fibres into the air, causing a dangerous...

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Why Safety Equipment Is Important

When all other safety precautions have been taken, safety equipment offers extra workplace security for employees. Knowing why they are essential and understanding their types and functions are necessary to make sure that the safety equipment provides the maximum amount of protection you need. Continue reading to learn how protective equipment can help improve safety in the workplace.

Reasons Why You Should Safety Equipment in the Workplace

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, protects the wearer from any physical damage or dangers that may...

Dust Extractor Hire

Dust Control: Why It’s Important for Your Project 

Dust may be made of fine particles, but once it collects and spreads across a construction site, it gets especially hazardous to the health and harmful to the machines and equipment in the vicinity. Hence, dust control should not be considered an optional aspect when planning for the safety and security of a construction project.

Dust Control: What Is It?

Dust can be found in every construction work, be it a small- or large-scale project. As a result, dust control plays...


Dust is the Enemy Here! – IMPORTANT UPDATE

Concrete, cement and dust from other construction materials contains crystalline silica which is recognised as the cause of several conditions, including silicosis, tuberculosis and lung cancer. The problem is that even low levels of dust inhaled over a long period of time can have devastating health consequences Lung disease – the dust enters the lungs and the fine minuscule particles embed themselves, and over time cause scarring. The immune system reacts but being unable to effectively attack the dust it inflames the...

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