Removing Bridge Membranes

Removing Bridge Membranes – The Way Forward

Introducing you to an incredible new machine on the market; the NFE Viking ™. It’s going to transform prepping foot bridges, walkways and decking. Removing membranes from highway substrates above underpasses and bridge decks has traditionally used an excavator and steel-toothed bucket.  A recent report showed these are removing excessive substrate from bridges, potentially rendering them unsafe.

This prompted NFE, CLM and Kier, with help from Multi-Hire’s technicians to design, develop and produce The Viking™. 

  • Excavators are noisy, restricting out of normal hours use, close to residential areas.  The Viking reduces noise levels by up to 50%.
  • With the dual lift (blades always on the floor) system, the scraper removes product up to 3x quicker.
  • Damaged substrate.  Rather than digging, the Viking scrapes; less substrate damage.
  • Workforce safety, around the machine.  The enhanced safety features below, makes the machine safer than the excavator.

The Viking is the largest specialist ride-on scraper in the world.  3x larger than any other scraper in the range at 2,586 kgs, designed for use outdoors on asphalt, roadways, bridge decks, airport runways, parking structures and sports surfaces removal. NFE began developing the Viking after an approach from UK Highways industry, to come up with a better method for scraping bridge decks. Required - a machine that effectively removes material without straining the bridge and its joints.

Key features include:

  • Roll-Over Protection & Falling Object Protection Certifications (ISO 3471 & ISO 3499)
  • Positive-pressure cab system, keeps dust and worksite byproducts out of the cab.
  • Cab noise dampening
  • Two front and rear LEDs for increased jobsite visibility, for working in cramped conditions
  • Adjustable, red safety curtain lights lineates a 3’ to 6’ perimeter around the working machine, signalling others the area to avoid
  • Orange operator light indicates that an operator is present
  • Green light indicates that the machine is ready for or currently in use
  • Blue arrow light shines 10’ behind the machine as an additional safety marker
  • Emergency brake control
  • Emergency engine shut-off button
  • Rear-view camera display; another level of safety for jobsite workers
  • Slide plate view window, provides clear line of site to the material being removed
  • Foot bar, prevents operator’s feet blocking the view window
  • Use one, two or three tooling holders to set the Viking™ up for any jobsite
  • Dual lift slide plate allows infinite blade pitch and angle adjustment from the cab

The Viking has a 49.5 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel engine. The three blade holders allow operator to use one, two or three tools, adjustable to any angle for removing tough, well-bonded materials.

When removing heavy-duty flooring from outside, work can depend on uncontrollable factors like weather and daylight. This makes surface preparation work difficult, particularly in winter when there’s less daylight hours. To help mitigate these, the Viking features an enclosed heated and air-conditioned cab with headlights and windshield wipers, improving visibility during harsh weather. Its digital display, rear-view camera and light safety curtain ensure operator safety, all year round.  

The only Viking UK stockist / retail partner is Multi-Hire Click here

NFE Viking
View the NFE Viking in action

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