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Floor Scraping; Easier Said Than Done!

How many times have you been caught out underestimating just how stubborn and difficult that stuff is to take up? ‘Oh, it should come up with a sturdy hand scraper and a bit of elbow grease.’ Well Multi-Hire stock a wide range of hand floor scrapers at low low prices (click accessories tab / Floor Scrapers) but they’re unable to supply tins of elbow grease!

Often though, elbow grease just isn’t enough and in a moment your quote is looking a bit light and the job is into loss. The answer is a powered floor scraper; you need to find a hire company with a huge range of scrapers, low-cost hires, covers the UK, instantly responsive, experts in their field and are really, really helpful.

Multi-Hire ticks all of those boxes. It has the biggest range from the tiny Wolff Duro Stripper through to the renowned National Flooring Equipment’s (NFE) large ride-on floor scrapers that will strip a department store’s floor covering faster than the guys can gather up the residual left in its wake; and many more models in between.

Floor Scraping

Take for example the NFE 550. This is a compact and very effective little machine. Its main benefit is that unlike most of its competitors’ machines, the NFE range of push-alongs has a figure of 8 blade action that slices through the surface. Most other machines on the market rely upon the less effective and noisier hammer action.

The NFE 550 is compact, one man can easily lift it into the boot of a hatchback or the back of a van. It can also tackle thin domestic ceramic tiles with a specially fitted shank / chisel, and all this on a standard 16 amp 110-volt transformer, so no issues with tripping fuses and breakers.

For more information, videos and technical or to hire this amazing little machine for just £100.00 per week or to buy it for just £1,600.00 visit the website www.multi-hire.co.uk. The hire page includes an instructional video and hired machines all have a QR code sticker taking the operator’s smartphone to the video on YouTube. If you’re seriously thinking of buying but not quite convinced, why not hire for a week before you buy and get the hire charge deducted from your purchase price?

You can see the full range of floor scrapers, floor grinders and floor scabblers that will easily take up adhesive residue and all other surfaces as part of your floor preparation at www.multi-hire.co.uk.

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