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The three options available are –

  • Grinding – very this layers or resin
  • PCD (scratching up) 1 – 4 mm resin or screed Scabbling – 2 – 8 mm resin, screed or asphalt
  • Scraping – lifting up with a blade. There are no fixed rules so the above are very rough guidelines only.

The best solution will be dependent upon the consistency, make up and texture of the material that is down as well as its bonding to the base surface.

In this article we’re looking at floor scrapers. The one prerequisite for scraping a surface up is the ability to get a blade under the surface. If you cannot get a blade under the surface then it is likely that the machine’s blade will just skimp over the top of the surface, to no effect. These surfaces generally need one of the other ways to getting it up.

If the surface is extremely obstinate and glued fast to the floor, that does not necessarily mean it cannot be scraped up. Rubber sports floors, laminate, vinyl and ceramic tiles, failed screed and safety floors can be scraped up. The benefit of scraping over other solutions is speed. Assuming a blade can get underneath a scraper will work quicker than grinding, scabbling etc.

But which scraper? These vary enormously from small handheld, to push alongs, to ride ons and right through to the triple bladed diesel-powered ride-on. Choosing the right machine for the job saves delays, costs and wasted labour whilst exchanging for an upgrade, therefore always over-spec and resist the temptation of false economy and cost saving.

Multi-Hire have the largest and most diverse fleet of floor scrapers in the UK by a country mile, no one else comes close. Click to see the full range. Each item has lots of information you’ll need to take into account –

  • Hand/arm vibration. Time needed to rest up. Noise for live sites such as retail and retirement homes.
  • Power – 16 or 32-amp 110 v, battery life and diesel fumes.
  • Weight, for lifting in and out of vans as well as elevator limits.
  • Dimensions for getting through doors.

Choosing is not always straightforward so if you are in doubt please send us pictures of the site and close ups of the materials and we will gladly make a recommend as to the best machine for achieving the desired outcome and give you a complete quote including blades and delivery charges.

A good principle is to err on the side of overkill. If a machine struggles, that can mean increased labour costs at best and significant downtime awaiting an upgrade, worse still, a burnt out machine. Much better to finish on budget ahead of time.

We promise that our advice is always customer focussed rather than just seeing £ signs. It may well be that a scraper is not the best tool for the job, our advice will always be blunt and candid, ‘Well, if I were you, I’d …. ‘.

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