Floor Shot Blasting: What Is It?

In 1870, a revolutionary machine was invented to help with the preparation of a surface for a new smoother and seamless floor. It is called the shot blaster. Until now, this machine is widely used. It is even a top choice by many floor preparation professionals.

What is a shot blaster and what’s in it that it’s always the top choice of floor preparation pros?.

About Shot Blasters

A shot blaster is a machine that enables you to blast holes in concrete, asphalt, and other materials without destroying the surface of the material. These machines are used for many applications including cleaning up construction sites, removing old paint from buildings, and preparing surfaces for painting or resurfacing.

Shot blasters can be rented or purchased outright, depending on what your needs are. They come with different fittings so they can accommodate various nozzles such as sandblasting nozzles or wire brush nozzles (which are used to clean off rust).

How Shot Blasters Work

Shot blasters work by using a centrifugal wheel that throws “shots” at high speeds in a controlled direction. Once the wheel hits the surface of the floor, the outer layers are then removed. The result is a smooth, seamless, and clean surface.

An air-wash system is also embedded into the shot blaster. It cleans and gets rid of any dust and debris as the steel abrasive is sent back into the shot hopper.

Understanding “Shots”

Shots are the tiny steel balls that are put onto the blast wheel of the shot blasting machine. As mentioned, the wheel is the part of the machine that slings the shot onto the surface that you are blasting.

These shots come in many different sizes. Your choice depends on the type of texture you want to achieve. Below are the most common sizes used today:

  • S330 – It achieves a light texture for sealers and is ideal for very thin coating applications.
  • S390 – It is ideal for the removal of thin coatings and cleaning dirty concrete surfaces.
  • S460 – It is used for the removal of coatings with a medium thickness.
  • S550 – It is recommended for the removal of thick paint coating.
  • S660 – It is best used for exposing aggregate and the removal of thick coatings.

Shot Blasters and Floor Shot Blasting

Floor Shot Blasting is a cost-effective way to remove surface coatings or sealers from concrete slabs. It is an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly method for floor preparation, as well as removing dirt and returning the slab to its natural state. This process also removes any mildew, mould spores, algae, and bacteria that may be present on the flooring.

As the name of this process suggests, it uses a shot blaster, which uses high-pressure water mixed with a non-toxic chemical compound to blast away sealer or coating material from the flooring surface without damaging it.

The Advantages of Floor Shot Blasting

There are many advantages to floor shot blasting including not having to wear heavy protective gear while doing the work, as well as being able to move furniture pieces back into place once the job is done. And aside from that, here are other advantages you can enjoy should you consider to avail of floor shot blasting services:

  • Floor shot blasting doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals.
  • It does not produce hazardous waste.
  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor floor preparation applications.
  • Shot blasting is considered a clean process.
  • It can be used in delicate and crucial areas of factories, food preparation spaces, and etc.
  • The process can be completed quickly.

The Limitations

As long as it is done properly, there are only a few limitations that apply to floor shot blasting. That is the reason it is the go-to choice for different floor preparation projects.

Here are some known limitations of the process:

  • Floor shot blasting may result in roughness, especially when used in low traffic areas where a thin coating is applied.
  • It doesn’t always level a floor.
  • It can’t remove many coatings, especially thick Elastomerics.

Is Floor Shot Blasting for You?

The answer depends on your needs, budget, and the time you have. But regardless of your surface’s needs, trust that Multi-Hire Power Tools has got your shot blasting needs covered. Get in touch with us to get more details about our shot blasting machines.

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