Floor Scraper

Floor Scraping; Easier Said Than Done!

How many times have you been caught out underestimating just how stubborn and difficult that stuff is to take up? ‘Oh, it should come up with a sturdy hand scraper and a bit of elbow grease.’ Well Multi-Hire stock a wide range of hand floor scrapers at low low prices (click accessories tab / Floor Scrapers) but they’re unable to supply tins of elbow grease!Often though, elbow grease just isn’t enough and in a moment your quote is looking a...

110v Transformer Hire

How Many Times Have You Blown A Fuse Over Transformer Problems?

The issue arising with power problems when operating 110-volt surface preparation equipment is that most 110-volt flooring machines run on a 32 amp plug and cable, whereas the transformer is fitted with a standard 3 pin plug to fit a standard 230-volt wall socket that we’re all so familiar with in our homes. In fact, it is rare for a transformer to break down, logically there are no moving parts to cause it to break and if the transformer is hired...

3 phase

Which is best, single phase or three phase power on site?

Site power can be the bane of the flooring contractor’s life. 110 volts (or 240 volts dropped down to 110) has its limitations. For the really heavy duty jobs 110 volt machines lack the guts or the power to do the job, and even where they can just about get by, they can add many expensive man hours to the cost of the quote. For this reason, right at the beginning of the process, when assessing and compiling your quote make...

Multi-Hire Power Tools

Multi-Hire Power Tools

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