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How Many Times Have You Blown A Fuse Over Transformer Problems?

The issue arising with power problems when operating 110-volt surface preparation equipment is that most 110-volt flooring machines run on a 32 amp plug and cable, whereas the transformer is fitted with a standard 3 pin plug to fit a standard 230-volt wall socket that we’re all so familiar with in our homes.

In fact, it is rare for a transformer to break down, logically there are no moving parts to cause it to break and if the transformer is hired from Multi-Hire, it will have been load tested and PAT tested before it went out on hire and there will be a PAT test certificate attached to it in a Perspex wallet as evidence.

Rather, when a transformer trips, blows a fuse or trips the circuit board, that’s a message, similar to a warning light on your car. It means that there’s an irregularity in the power supply, either a shortfall or surge in amps. If you could somehow bypass these annoying trips, there would be a real risk that the machine’s motor might burn out. Therefore, you need to address the problem directly by following these steps –

Change the fuse in the transformer. Spare fuses can also be found in the Perspex wallet attached to the transformer. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, then – •

If you are using a machine with a vacuum dust control unit, use an additional lead to source the power from a different ring main in another room or part of the building. Do not use a double socket to power both the machine and the vacuum.

  • Reduce the number of cables powering the machine.
  • Do not use extension reels.
  • Try starting the machine with the blades off the floor.
  • Check the machine’s operating instructions with regards to starting procedures. Instructions are contained in the Perspex wallet attached to the machine, our YouTube channel, the manufacturer’s website or call our workshop.

If these don’t work you will need to call an electrician to –

  • Replace a Type-B circuit breaker with a type D, and maybe also,
  • Fit a blue 3-pin 32-amp socket into the wall and a similar type plug onto the transformer.

In an ideal ‘floorer’s world’ all buildings would be fitted with 3-phase sockets. In any industrial or commercial setting, it’s definitely worth checking out if there’s a 3-phase socket near to where you’re working or ensuring that one is fitted before you start. 415-volt machines are less prone to tripping, they are more powerful, giving an improved outcome much quicker; customers do like improved outcomes, quicker!

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