Floor Preparation Guide

Is there more than one way to skin a pig? 

Is there more than one way to skin a pig?

Well with floor preparation, quite often there is. Here are a few ways in which you can prepare a floor prior to applying a coating.

Before applying resin coatings, to ensure adhesion and durability, good preparation is crucial. Mechanical preparation methods are commonly used to achieve the necessary surface profile. Here are different ways to mechanically prepare a floor for resin coatings: 

1. Shot blasting:

  • Process: Shot blasting involves shooting tiny steel balls at the floor's surface at high velocity, removing contaminants and creating a textured profile.
  • Advantages: efficiently removes contaminants, provides a uniform profile, and is suitable for large areas.  Can also be the most effective method when the floor is uneven or pitted.  

Recommended machines: National Flooring Equipment NFE 16” A99, 12.5” A97, 8” A95 

2. Diamond Grinding:

  • Process: Diamond grinding uses rotating diamond abrasive tools and pads to grind the surface, removing coatings, adhesives, and levelling the substrate.
  • Advantages: Effective for smoothing and levelling surfaces, versatile for various substrates, and provides a consistent profile.  Can cover larger areas, quicker.  Using a multi-head grinder will leave the surface nicer than when it started and also, much less likely to damage the substrate.

Recommended machines: HTC: 270, 420, 450, SPE Single Head, Husqvarna 400, 500, T5, T6, 650, 800, X8, T2000, G3000 

3. Scabbling / Scarifying:

  • Process: Scabbling uses cutting tools called TCT’s to mechanically scar the surface, removing coatings, adhesives, and creating a textured surface.
  • Advantages: Effective for rapid material removal and suitable for various substrate types. Creates small grooves in the concrete that are a good key for thicker systems like PU screed. 

Recommended machines: 8”, 10”, 12.5

Before selecting a method, it’s essential to consider the condition of the existing floor, the type of substrate, the required profile for the resin coating, and the size of the project. Always follow manufacturer guidelines and safety precautions when using mechanical preparation methods. 

This is a brief outline, highlighting the fundamentals of floor preparation. We would welcome your call to chat about a specific floor and we’ll gladly give specific advice and make recommendations. If you could firstly complete our advice form and maybe drop pictures into the picture file box beforehand, that would be helpful, but not essential. 

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