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Dust Control: Why It’s Important for Your Project 

Dust may be made of fine particles, but once it collects and spreads across a construction site, it gets especially hazardous to the health and harmful to the machines and equipment in the vicinity. Hence, dust control should not be considered an optional aspect when planning for the safety and security of a construction project.

Dust Control: What Is It?

Dust can be found in every construction work, be it a small- or large-scale project. As a result, dust control plays an essential role in ensuring the promotion of a safe working environment. While it does not eliminate dust, this method can reduce dust particles in a site project.

Controlling dust is also a health protocol observed to ensure that the construction workers will not contract any lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. The people living nearby the construction site will be protected as well. In addition, having dust controlled can prevent making a damaging impact on any construction equipment and machinery.

Forms of Dust

There are two primary forms of dust, namely organic and inorganic dust.

Organic dust comes from living things, vegetable and other natural fibres. Also called nonmineral dust, this form of dust also includes moulds, pollens, pesticides, and animal particles such as hair, feathers, and droppings.

On the other hand, inorganic dust is generated from stones, metals, and even chemicals. This form of dust is common in construction sites, including cement, concrete, metal, and sand.

Importance of Getting Proper Dust Control

Dust control is an important aspect that is critical to any construction project, regardless of size. However, many construction projects can still fall short of controlling dust in worksites, even if it is the most vital aspect.

With dust control in place, you can protect your construction personnel. However, exposure to dust is inevitable when it comes to construction projects.

Prolonged exposure can be detrimental to the health and safety of those who are in the worksite. It does not only impact your breathing and cause skin and eye irritation, but it can also inflict serious respiratory diseases.

One of the most harmful airborne particles commonly found in construction sites is silica dust. Once manufactured products with silica content undergo mechanical processes like drilling and grinding, they can generate this type of dust. Silica dust can potentially cause lung cancer and chronic bronchitis.

With dust control measure in place, the construction project team can be assured that their health and safety is not threatened. In addition, they will no longer feel too worried about contracting respiratory diseases.

Following proper dust control is also in compliance with your local workplace health and safety guidelines or regulations. Any construction project with hazardous materials must meet such compliance regulations. Even if a proper dust extraction system is not required in any of your projects, it is highly recommended to secure such for safety and prevention purposes.

Dust Control Solutions

There are many dust control solutions you can implement in your construction. Once in place, these solutions will minimise the dust generated during the operations of the project.

Before anything else, you need to identify both major and minor dust sources on the construction site. Once identification is made, it will be easier to develop a plan on the best dust control methods that meet your project’s needs.

While you can use water as a dust suppressant to keep the dust down in your site, the use of dust control chemicals will be more beneficial in the long run. Also, consider working with a dust control company, so they can help you determine the best suppressants for your project.

Most importantly, make use of equipment such as vacuums and dust collector that can improve the air quality of your projects. Such equipment is an excellent investment that ensures the site is a safe and secured environment to work and settle in.

There are still many possible dust control solutions you can utilise for small- or large-scale construction work. Take the time to determine what works best for your current project.

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