It’s Time For Your Corporation Tax Inoculation

It’s Time For Your Corporation Tax Inoculation

If you’re not a limited company, please disregard this message, and I hope you’re having a lovely day.

If you are a limited company, and especially if your year end is 31st December, there’s time to plan now to avoid Corporation tax.

If you’ve been making profits (remember to add back depreciation), then you’re likely to incur a tax bill. That is, if you haven’t planned ahead.

If your internal accounts are up to date, run off a Proft & Loss account and Balance Sheet, then put together budgets / estimates of income, expenditure, debtors and stock up to the end of your year end and pack them off to your accountants, asking them for an estimate of the likely tax bill and the value of equipment investment you need to wipe out that looming headache?

That’s what you need to spend on new equipment BEFORE your year end. No spare cash? No problem, you can buy equipment on no deposit finance whereby you only pay the VAT up front, which comes off your next VAT return, and then spread your purchase over 2 – 5 years, at really reasonable rates. That way, so long as you’re using the equipment reasonably regularly, it’ll be paying for itself as it’s working, as well as negating that tax bill.

So where can I go to spend that money? Well right here! for,

  • Totally impartial advice FOC.
  • Multi-Hire are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Buy at below manufacturer’s RRP.
  • Prices include delivery (except NI and remote locations).
  • Free parts only 12 months’ service, you only pay for parts, labour’s FOC. Send it to us just before the warranty expires and we’ll look for any problems covered by it.

Happy shopping !!!

By all means, give Luke (07817 326982) or I a ring, and we’d love to chat.

Many thanks and best wishes,


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