CFM 3 Motor Vacuum (Dust Extraction Unit) 110V – Hire, one week rate

CFM 3 Motor Vacuum (Dust Extraction Unit) 110V – Hire, one week rate


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CFM 3 Motor Vacuum (Dust Extraction Unit) 110V. To be connected to high dust generating machines such as –

• Floor Planers and scabblers
• Floor grinders
• Hand grinders
• Sanders.

Can also be used on its own as a large powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.

Weekly hire rate. If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 40% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 20% reduction.

Discounts available to contractors with an approved trade account. Trade account form.


Terms and Conditions of Hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire


Industrial vacuum hire, 3 motor high powered dust extraction unit. Comes fitted with a Teflon filter. Dust is collected in a removable bin for easy disposal. The CFM Vacuum can be attached directly to the machine via the 8 metre hose and taped with cloth tape to perfect the vacuum. The CFM will capture almost 100% of the airborne dust and a wand attachment can be supplied to vacuum up the residual dust on the floor.

The Industrial vacuum comes in 3 different sizes to hire, each has similar performance but different sized collection bins ranging between 25 and 50 litres.

Rates quoted are for one week. After a week a 25% daily charge is applied on days 8, 9 and 10 and then a full 2nd week’s hire charge is applied.

If you can bring back this hire item early, then we can offer the following price reduction:

  • 1 day hire: 40% reduction.
  • 2 days hire: 20% reduction.

FAQs –

Q – What machines do you typically use with this vac? A –  Primarily small and medium sized floor grinders such as the single head grinder, HTC 650 and any of our floor scabblers but will also cope with A97 110-v shot blaster.

Q – Is it OK to use this on a floor contaminated by asbestos? A- No. Multi-Hire do not have the cleaning facilities or accreditation for asbestos cleaning. If you are working with asbestos, please contact us and we will gladly refer you to a partner company who has the facilities.

– Is it OK to use this vacuum with water dust suppression? A – No. Water and even damp will destroy the filter.

Trouble shoots –

Q – This vacuum’s suction is poor. A –  Check that all 3 motors are working. If they are, then the most likely culprit is an ill-fitting bin. Make sure it fits snugly with an airtight grip. If it is still not working it is likely that there is a hole in the filter due to sucking up a screw or some swarf; it will need exchanging.

Q – The vacuum is emitted a cloud of dust as soon as I switched it on.  A- It’s likely some dust has made it’s way into the motor housing during transportation. Simply take it outside, switch it on and bash the sprung plunger at the top of the lid for a minute or two, and that should resolve the problem.

– The vacuum has started emitting clouds of dust halfway through the job. A – If you don’t empty the bin often enough, the dust will find its way up into the motor housing and out through the ventilation. The machine will need to be exchanged.

Q – The vacuum is dead. A – It is likely that there is no electrical current reaching the motors. Check the fuse in the transformer and if that is working, then it is likely that a wire has has been pulled out of wither the plug or the motor housing. If you telephone us, we can usually talk you through how to identify the offending wire and how to reconnect it, via a video call.

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